Best Cricket Betting Websites

Top 6 Cricket Betting Websites

Cricket is without any doubt one of the most-watched sports in the world. People around the globe follow the game and like to participate as much as they can. This participation can either support their favorite team or get into the betting world and make money out of it. Cricket betting is a very well-known market and throughout the year, people make millions out of it. As cricket betting has become a huge market, multiple online websites are also taking it into consideration. These websites are offering cricket betting on a large scale. Also, when you try to get onto these websites, try to make sure that they are legal and totally work in your region.

Different regions offer different kinds of websites. For example, there can be a cricket betting website that would be totally legal in the United Kingdom, but would not meet the legal requirements in India.

In the following article, we will look at some of the best cricket betting websites. These websites are all ranked according to their legality in different regions, their license, bonuses, and many more factors.


Betway is one of the most famous cricket betting websites in the world. The website is available in so many regions that almost everyone can access it. Other than availability, Betway offers some of the most exciting and new features for betting. Players can now enjoy live betting on their favorite cricket matches. This means that you can watch your match live and bet on it at the same time. This makes the website unique and likable. Similarly, Betway is famous for its multiple bonus offers. All the new members of the website receive the signing up bonus.

As you move on to bet for cricket, you receive another bonus which is linked to online cricket bets. This means that you can only use this bonus when you are placing bets for your cricket matches. Betway is also ranked one of the best because of its secure banking assistance. You can withdraw or deposit your money on Betway in an instant manner. The transaction is highly safe.

People also go for Betway because of its strong betting license. The website has an authentic betting license which is valid in multiple countries. This means that you can get lucky if Betway works in your country and with a valid license.

Betway also offers one of the best betting odds. For cricket betting, Betway has several markets available and for each of them, there are favorable odds. Therefore, Betway falls into our best cricket betting websites’ list.


Bet365 is extremely famous in the United Kingdom. The website holds a strong license which is accepted in many countries. Similarly, Bet365 also attracts bettors by offering some of the best betting bonuses. Just for cricket betting, Bet365 offers several bonuses for the new players. The website is also very famous because of the live streaming option available. This means that you can stream your cricket match live, and also bet for it. This is how you get everything in one place. Bet365 also allows the bettors to use the Bet Builder feature. This feature allows you to make your bet before your match and customize it. Once you are done, the website will create the odds for you. Bet365 also stays highly active during multiple cricket leagues. Whether it is a Major league or a Minor tournament, you can always find them all on Bet365. With all these features, Bet365 definitely falls into our best cricket betting websites.


NetBet is one of the finest cricket betting websites around the globe. The website believes in offering the best service to the bettors, and that is why it focuses a lot on its customer services. You can always rely on the customer services of NetBet, which is a huge point to highlight. Similarly, NetBet covers a huge range of payment methods. This means you can deposit or withdraw your money through your bank, crypto, or through many other ways. NetBet also offers some of the most competitive odds. As cricket betting sees a lot of competition, these websites try to beat each other by providing better odds.


If you are looking for a trustworthy cricket betting website, 10Cric is where you should stop. The website is famous for its legality and strongly approved license. Similarly, 10Cric is also famous for its diversity. The website offers more than 100 betting markets for bigger cricket matches. This means that a single match can give you more than 100 chances to make money. 10Crict is also famous for its generous bonus code, which helps first time users to increase their betting amounts.

10Cric focuses on cricket a lot, and that is why it offers a wide range of betting markets for the sport.


NoviBet is also considered a decent cricket betting website. The website includes a separate cricket section in which you can only find bets related to cricket. Similarly, NoviBet focuses on providing the best security to its users. That is why the website holds a strong license in its region. NoviBet is also famous for its mobile application. The website is offering all the features in the mobile application as well. Therefore, you can place your cricket bets from anywhere and anytime. NoviBet is also one of the few websites that support Cash out.


We cannot forget about in our cricket betting websites’ list. SportsBet operates in a different manner. Other than being just a betting website, it also provides stats for all the major cricket games. This helps a lot of bettors before they place their first bets. Similarly, SportsBet also offers betting markets for both Men’s and Women’s cricket. This is another unique feature of the website that makes it one of the best. SportsBet also covers betting for smaller cricket competitions. In this way, a bettor never misses an opportunity to place bets for any game. The website is totally legal and holds a strong license.